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Gwen Albarracin
President, Asia Marketing Federation
Philippine Marketing Association

Welcome to the Asia Marketing Federation Website

I was truly honored and humbled to be elected as the 1st Woman President of the Asia Marketing Federation from 2016 – 2018 by the 16 National Marketing Association country members from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong Region, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

According to the Article from Deloit’s Insights, there is an increasing spending among Asian shoppers due to strong economic growth. Globalization has changed the lifestyles of Asians and likewise opened up the world to the Asian Shopper. As per the ADB report on Asian Economic Integration Report for 2016, “Asia’s cross- border portfolio investment and bank claims increased from $3.0 trillion in 2001 to $11.0 trillion in 2015.”

These two findings represent two opportunities: to leverage on the growth of the region and to take advantage of the digital space and the changing lifestyles of our consumers in order to maximize one’s share in the region as well as global pie. It is for this reason that I challenge my esteemed colleagues in the Asia Marketing Federation to provide the platforms and programs so that we can sail smoothly on these tides of opportunities.

The age of digitalization and access to information via internet among consumers and business clients is a trend that cannot be overlooked. Real-time information allows each consumer to make decisions faster and better. I have proposed to encourage all marketers in our individual organizations to leverage on digital marketing and recognize the trailblazers who have mastered the art of virtual customer engagement.

In this regard, it becomes imperative to take full advantage of these opportunities and encourage Asians to exponentially grow in this age of disruption.

With our Vision of “Marketing for a Better Asia” we have set and established the following goals:



  • Through the Asia Marketing Excellence Awards for Asia’s Marketing 3.o and Asia’s Marketing Company of the Year, the AMF recognizes excellent achievements and innovative marketing strategies, tactics and values by a company and how these elements have impacted the business industry and community. This award reflects excellence in marketing and the admirable qualities of versatility, innovativeness, and infallible growth. This Regional and National recognition will serve as an inspiration to all Asians in the region.
  • Asia’s Top Outstanding Youth, Woman, Netizen, Marketeer of the Year
    Asian countries constitute more than 60 per cent of the youth population, and the continent will continue to grow until 2080. The youth in the Asian region are not just the future consumers but also the most influential consumers with the digital age. Philippines for instance has more than 50% of its population who are young. It is therefore imperative that the Asia Marketing Federation consider to also focus its efforts on youth marketing. Not only should it look into the business side but also study on how to improve the values formation that will affect the sustainability of our world.Gender equality and women empowerment is a key Sustainable Program by the United Nations Global Compact. In Asia, Women continue to be victims of lack of rights and recognition to rise up to the corporate ladder or become outstanding entrepreneurs in their localities. Even the use of women in marketing has continued to downgrade the status of women such as using them as a sexual symbol or downgrading their roles in the society, such as limiting them to housewife roles. As the first woman president of the organization, I believe it is important for us to give women their rightful status in the business world and in the society.
    The TOP OUTSTANDING YOUTH, WOMEN AND NETIZENS MARKETEERS AWARDS will be a major flagship recognition and awards that will was launched under the Asia Marketing Federation during my term. This will be the bly take over markets in the region but also elevate the values of marketing to achieve societal goals.

2. Marketing Education and Certification

  • One of the product services for AMF is ‘Certified Professional Marketer (Asia).’ At present, approximately 800 Asian marketers hold CPM (Asia) status. AMF recognizes them as a professional marketer with excellent marketing intelligence and business experience with new courseware that will equip the marketing professional to transition from programs to platforms and give the highest prestige in the professional arena.
  • We must re-focus our efforts to not just our practicing marketing professionals but also the educators that mold the young marketers of the future. Aligned with the Certified Professional Marketers Program of AMF, I wish to expand the Philippine Marketing Association’s efforts Certified Professional Marketing Educators – (CPM-E), which will provide the new gateway for educators to be as good as the professionals. They will be given access to professional guidance and experience by marketing experts so that they can successful incorporate it into their marketing educational program.
  • Leverage the marketing expertise of the NMAs to build linkages and launch a platform for collaboration through the World Marketing Community

The Asia Marketing Federation is an organization that exists to serve the marketing professionals in the region, to elevate their standards, to allow cross-border expertise exchange, and most of all to change the values of how they market to their customers. I hope that with these programs, I can contribute to the vision and mission of the organization and more importantly, the marketing industry.

I call on you now to make that change.


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