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The AMF Fellow is awarded to individual marketers who have made significant contributions to the advancement of marketing in Asia.

AMF Fellow members receive individual
member  benefits  at  their  local  marketing  association  plus special recognitions  of  their  distinguished  status  at  the  regional   level   
by Asia Marketing Federation.

Asia Marketing Federation (AMF)
is a collaboration platform for all the marketing associations in Asia

Originally founded in 1991 as Asia Pacific MarketiNg Federation (APMF),
it evolved into AMF in 2017.

AMF Honorary

Business Leaders Awards

AMF Honorary Fellow status was awarded to five Asian business leaders at the closing of AMF Asia Marketing Conference in Tokyo on July 12 2012.

Mr. Yoshiharu Fukuhara, the honorary chairman of Shiseido, Mr. Purijono Sugiarto, the CEO of Astra International, Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya, the founder & CEO of Markplus, Dr. Lackana Leeayouthayotin, the Board of Director at Cerebos Pacific, and Mr. Somboon Prasitjutrakul, the President of DKSH Thailand.

AMF #4

Kotler's Seminar in Tokyo

Prof. Philip Kotler, AMF Honorary Fellow and the father of modern marketing, made his first seminar in ten years in Tokyo on June 17 2013.

The seminar was hosted by
Japan Marketing Association. Attended by all powerful member countries, namely China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand,
Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh,
Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macau,
Sri Lanka, and Japan.

AMF #5

AMF Meeting in Jakarta

Asia Marketing Federation hosted its board meeting on the afternoon of Oct 8, 2015 in MarkPlus Inc Office Jakarta.

More than 35 delegates from
14 countries / region attended. With the official entry by Vietnam Marketing Association, the number of AMF member expanded to 14. The next official meeting for AMF will be in Phnon Penh, coincided with the 1st international marketing conference for Cambodia on 12-13 March 2016.

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